Located in Connecticut, The Greater New Haven Celiac Support Group (GNHCG) was established to help support those diagnosed with celiac disease by providing informative meetings, programs and timely newsletters about the gluten-free (GF) diet. Currently, strict adherence to the GF diet is the only effective treatment for celiac disease.  If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease (CD) or dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), there is much for you, your family and friends to learn. You may be wondering which foods are safe. What exactly is gluten? How do you know if something contains gluten? And the list goes on.

While being diagnosed with CD and DH may at first seem daunting, our mission, through this website, is to give you choices and tools to help you navigate the gluten-free (GF) lifestyle.

Upcoming Events!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Celiac Disease & the Gluten Free Diet ~ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Stratford Library, Lovell Room, 2203 East Main St., Stratford, CT

RSVP by December 8th to Sandra Fisher: 203-375-3693

Join us on Wednesday, December 10th for an informative session on Celiac Disease by Emil J. Blanco, MD, Gastroenterologist. Lisa Bishop, MS, RD, CDE, Registered Dietitian, will explain the gluten free diet and gluten free food choices.
Hosted by the Greater New Haven Celiac Group (GNHCG) in conjunction with the Stratford Library, the event is open to the public. This presentation will be of particular interest to those recently diagnosed with celiac disease or to those who are curious about this medical condition.

For directions, please visit www.stratfordlibrary.org